SK.FaTC Interview
23:40 01.05.2004

Cores: Hi, thanks for taking some time for me.

Cores: First, would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

SK|FaTC: Hi, my name is Antoine Zadri, I am 18 years old and I live in Paris, France.

SK|FaTC: I am currently studying economies/management at university.

Cores: When did you start playing wc3?

SK|FaTC: about 1y & 7 months ago, after WCGs 2002

SK|FaTC: 6 months after the game was released, actually

Cores: Why did you start playing and what do you like most about the game?

SK|FaTC: I was playing BroodWar before that and since it was starting to lose sponsors & public interest, I decided to start playing WarCraft.

SK|FaTC: In the beginning I didn't like the game that much but after having played for a while I started enjoying every game and what I actually liked most about the game was the important micro factor

Cores: Were the heroes a reason why you first didnt like the game?

SK|FaTC: Yes, I was used to playing Broodwar, which was a must faster game with the most important part on macro management. I just thought Warcraft was boring in the beginning but I realized I was wrong some months after -_-

Cores: hehe

Cores: Can you tell us why you play hu and what you like most about this race?

SK|FaTC: I started playing wc3 as a Night-Elf but switched to human after some weeks watching SK's replays of SuRviVoR or Insomnia for example.

SK|FaTC: I just like the race, it's units etc

SK|FaTC: It is the race that fits my gaming style at the best

Cores: i see, you already answered my next question: Was hu always your preferred race? :)

SK|FaTC: I started as Night Elf after having seen ElkY playing them. But I just switched to human after some weeks because I liked them most

Cores: Lets talk about balance now.

Cores: The beta of the next patch is already played on Westfall, what is your general opinion about the upcoming changes?

SK|FaTC: it looks good but I had no time to test it yet. I think blizzard is still improving the balance of the game and I got no idea concerning the new hero.

SK|FaTC: I have only read the whole changes but couldn't test it yet. I will tell you more precisely in a few weeks :)

Cores: Is there anything you missed in the patchlog?

SK|FaTC: I am generally not a whiner

Cores: ^^

SK|FaTC: so there were not many things I wanted to change but when I saw the changes, I realized they were good for most of them.

SK|FaTC: I'll just adapt to the new patch, hoping it will be better for the poor humans! -_-

Cores: I think its ok, so far ;)

Cores: Batriders got a nice buff, do you think this buff was necessary?

SK|FaTC: Orcs are weak vs air for sure, so I guess yes, it was necessary

Cores: Many people are complaining about the strong hero nuke of ud, and they will get a rather small nerf in 1.15. Do you think this nerf is enough?

SK|FaTC: from what I have read, heroes are more resistant to nuking spells but I think this is the kind of changing, that needs to be tested in game. I mean you can't really feel the difference just reading about it but I think it is going to be good.

SK|FaTC: I wasn't that disturbed with the ud's nuking as a human.

Cores: Offensive towers seem to be a problem in some matchups. What do you think?

SK|FaTC: I think orc towers are kind of an abuse

SK|FaTC: I don't think so about the human towers because when we use it, vs NEs most of the time, it is just because they go t2 fast with only 1 hero as an army, wich should be able to hold an opponent producing t1 units.

Cores: Not a good decision from a NE to tech at close position, though

SK|FaTC: yep exactly

Cores: What do you think about the Goblin Tinker? ^^

SK|FaTC: as I told you I haven't played a single game of the new patch, so there is not much I can tell about it. His skills look cool, though.

SK|FaTC: -_-

Cores: What is the best/worst race in the current patch (1.14)?

SK|FaTC: I think the best is Undead, then NE, then Human and finally Orc

SK|FaTC: though, the difference is not big enough to prevent a good player from doing good results, even if he doesnt use the "best" race

Cores: yeah, i think so too

Cores: Who are the best players of each race atm, in your opinion?

SK|FaTC: I don't know for korean players but concerning non asians: UD: blatty NE: apm70 Hmn: most SK's humans (special mention to Mail»">Mail») Orc: Grubby

Cores: ok, now some questions about your gaming

Cores: What maps do you thumbs down and what is the reason for that?

SK|FaTC: I thumb down the Ice map, because it is not a tourney map

SK|FaTC: I play all others, even if they aren't all good for human because I have to, for the tourneys.

Cores: What is your favorite map and why?

SK|FaTC: my favorite map was LT, because it is a good map for humans but I don't play it much because a lot of players thumb it down on ladders and remove it on tourneys. On the map I play most, I would say plunder isle.

SK|FaTC: but to be honest, I don't have a real favorite map

Cores: LT was played alot in classic, so its also getting boring for now :/

SK|FaTC: hehe

Cores: Your favorite unit and hero?

SK|FaTC: hero: archmage / unit: sorc

Cores: Why sorc?

SK|FaTC: because she is sexy

Cores: ^_^

SK|FaTC: no, seriously because slow kicks ass

SK|FaTC: -_-

Cores: What is your best and worst match up?

SK|FaTC: I think my best match up is HvsH and my worst HvsO.

SK|FaTC: HvsO because I play very few Orcs, so I don't have much training vs this race. I play freestyle for most, nothing is planned

Cores: Is there something that makes you better than other players? A special strength?


SK|FaTC: hmm

SK|FaTC: I would say, the ability to combine both speed on keyboard/mouse and fast thinking and the much important thing: the feeling which answers to the questions like "why would you do that at this moment of the game?"

SK|FaTC: I think players can only acquire this on experience. Where as the ability of being quick on both actions&thinking, is more or less innate

Cores: interesting, so thats why im not a pro :(

Cores: Do you use custom shortcuts?

SK|FaTC: custom keys ?

SK|FaTC: yes I do

Cores: How do you prepare before playing a game? Any rituals?

SK|FaTC: hmm

SK|FaTC: no

SK|FaTC: but I play some customs or ladder on fake id before laddering on my
real account, to warm up. Because I am usually a little bit slow on my first games

Cores: hehe

Cores: How many hours do you play on an average day?

SK|FaTC: I would say 2 hours

Cores: oh thats not very much for skilled players like you

SK|FaTC: -_-;

Cores: What is better for practicing? Ladder or Custom games?

SK|FaTC: depends, if you want to practice a specific match up, then I think
custom games are better. Like 5 in a row, otherwise ladder is the best training we can have, overall

Cores: Since TFT, there are Bnet Tournaments. Do you like playing them?

SK|FaTC: I have played 1 2on2 tourney and 1 1on1

SK|FaTC: it's not very funny, cuz everything is best of 1 and most players attending are not good.

Cores: Could you achieve to the finals?

SK|FaTC: yes, i was playing the 2on2 with HeMaN and we lost in final vs biatty/raz (I want to add that we lost because of my ally)

Cores: ^^


SK|FaTC: and lost the 1on1 in semi final vs some unknown guy


Cores: nevertheless, very good ranks :)

Cores: Do you watch replays to improve your skill?

SK|FaTC: yes

SK|FaTC: some of them but no asian replays

Cores: also your own to analyze your mistakes?

SK|FaTC: I almost never save my losses, cuz I m angry when I lose

Cores: :D

SK|FaTC: but I watch my wins. it's better to see what to do, than what NOT to do

SK|FaTC: -_-

Cores: What got you into SK and why did you join this clan and not another?

SK|FaTC: I was previously in aT and got an offer from NuKe together with ToD
to join SK. Since I didn't feel really comfortable in aT plus wanted something
better, I decided to leave for SK.

Cores: The 4k members seem to have a great bond to each other, do you think this is important for a real top clan? How is the situation in SK?

SK|FaTC: In the beginning, when I joined with ToD, there were a really frozen
atmosphere. No one was talking, playing cgs, sharing rep etc.

SK|FaTC: but it started getting better after we met in lan and now I really feel
comfortable with the coming back of heman & Bds on war3

SK|FaTC: we have great fun and I really like it

SK|FaTC: -_-

SK|FaTC: It is always good to have someone next to you, who can tell you
when you are doing shit. I mean, sometimes we are so in the game that we
can't realize alone what we did wrong or what we should have done.

SK|FaTC: and for that I think it is important to have your teammates around,
helping you, sharing strats & replays.

Cores: The 5th season of WC3L is in progress and SK got some very exciting
matches. Especially the war vs pg was very close and they were able to beat
SK. Was this an surprising loss or did you expect a tough fight?

SK|FaTC: I actually expected a clear win for us and decided not to play the cw,
so our whole line-up could play. That was a big deception but also funny.

SK|FaTC: we can flame a lot, thanks to this

SK|FaTC: pG played well though, just congrats to them

Cores: hehe, this wars make the league really interesting. I was also very
surprised :)

SK|FaTC: hehe

Cores: In the week before last you faced 4k, the winner of the last season. You
crushed them with a score of 5:0.What was the reason for such a clear win?

SK|FaTC: hehe

SK|FaTC: Our strengh is that we got a complete line up with like 6 1on1
players, with whom we can produce big surprises.

SK|FaTC: I think that's what happened. We all thought together about who
should play and finally NuKe set this line-up, according to what he thought and
what we told him.

SK|FaTC: big success

SK|FaTC: -_-

Cores: yeah, did that very good

Cores: Who will win this season? ;)

SK|FaTC: I bet on SK!

SK|FaTC: (I hope too)

Cores: and they will face whom in the final? :D

SK|FaTC: I think we will face 4K or aT in the finals (if we reach it)
Cores: Ok now some final questions:

Cores: What mouse and mouse pad do you use?

SK|FaTC: I am using MX300 as mouse and SteelPad as mousepad

Cores: What kind of music do you like?

SK|FaTC: I like electronic music: house/techouse/progressive etc

Cores: Would you tell us the "long" story about your name? It is getting
interesting :)

SK|FaTC: hahaha

SK|FaTC: I always get this question in the end of my interviews

SK|FaTC: and AS USUAL my answer will be: no

Cores: damn :(

Cores: Finally can you give any basic tips for those wannabes out there?

SK|FaTC: play many ladders and don't watch too many replays

SK|FaTC: as far as I am concerned, I really watch few of them, like 10 per week
is good. You forget what you have just seen, if you watch 25 replays per day.

Cores: true

Cores: Any final comment or shout outs?

SK|FaTC: BIG shoutout to my pupils sUrvIvOr Mail»">Mail» peeWeed Bds & all
sTars + to everyone who knows me

SK|FaTC: -_-;

Cores: Thank you for the interview.

SK|FaTC: Thank you


© / Joschka

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