Short interview of Gillete OGN top16 players
17:36 03.05.2004


) How do you feel about attending this OSL?
2) Which player would you like to pick in group drawing? and why?
3) Which player would you like to play with? and why?
4) Which player would you avoid to play with? and why?
5) Who do you think can get into semi-final this season?
6) Your prediction of the champion in this OSL?
7) What about your performance in this OSL? Have you ever thought of it?
8) If you were not progamer, what kind of job would you like to take?
9) What is your aim in progaming?
10) Anything to your fans?



1)I'm so nervous, well, I resolve to overcome any hard situation, I don't want be kicked out easily.
2) I prefer picking a stronge opppnet.
3)NaDa. He is so powerful to me. This is the only chance for me to play with him in the formal match.
4)Zeus, cuz we belong to the same team. And I adore him.
5)iloveoov, Zeus, NaDa, Jju
6) NaDa
7)This season, my goal is breaking through the group games. As for the next one, I wanna be top4.
8)I should have been a high school student.
9)I wanna be another BoxeR or NaDa.
10)Even though now I've thrust into OSL, everything seems very difficult to me cuz I'm just a rookie. Once i failed, plz forgive me.


1)This is my third participation, I'm so happy to be OSL. I was so fortunate in Duel games.
2) Nal_rA(if i would be in the same group with him), or IntotheRainBow, Both defeated me, and they are protoss.
3) Nal_rA, Because he is the champion.
4) iloveoov, NaDa, I have to practise a lot to overwhelm them.
5) Nal_rA, Nada, oov, GoodFriend
6) NaDa
7) 1 win 2 loss
8) becoming an ordinary college student
9) I want to get a champion in major leagues (like OSL, MSL).
10)I've improved a lot since last season, If I make through to quarter games, plz cheer me up.

Golden Boy GoodFriend

1) I can't believe myself, I did it! and I'm so exciting to be here, though I don't have much experience. OSL is such unbelieveable thing to me, it's amazing.
2) In OSL, people think, I'm not so strong in vs Z, but I think I'm not.I have enough self-confidence vs Z, So I want pick one of Z player, to change them.
3) XellOs. He beat me in challenge league(play off), i wanna take my reverge.
4) all Protoss players, TVP is my weakest matchup.
5) NaDa, TheMarine, Zeus, and Nal_rA. But I intend to achieve that too!
6) NaDa. He is the best.
7) This is the first time for me to take part in OSL, so I just want to show my best.
8) join in uninversity
9) I've not considered it yet, well my goal is to win all major leagues.
10) I'll do my best.

Zerg's Hope, Jju

1) I'm glad to be here again. I wanna be the "hope" of all Zerg players.
2) Not a certine one. But I'm going to make the most fearful group ever.
3) NaDa. I think he is strongest player.
4) There is no one. If there were, I will pick him into my group.
5) NaDa, oov, Nal_rA, and Jju
7) till the Final
8) Office worker(white collar?).
9) Good gamer
10)I'll show you what Zerg is.


1) I'm happy to have another opportunity to show my progress.
2) I am not the seed and have no rights to choose firstly. If i had, I would make some difference.
3) All of other 15 players. Because they are the best atm.
4) Nal_rA. Becase we used to stay at the same team, we knew each other very well, hes awesome.
5) In this season, Terran will dominate all, while, there should be a spot for me in semis.
6) I wish i could, but it's very hard. I dream of the scene that I were winning in the end.
7) I just try my best.
8) I'm not a good school boy, I were waiting for my military serve after high school.


1) Now I'm speechless with ecstasy, it is such a significant chance for me and my team.
2) good Terran players, I have to improve my ZvT
3) oov, but I want to meet him in the final
4) oov, before finals
5) oov, NaDa, Nal_rA and myself
6) myself
7) I'm going to win this OSL
8) I would like to be baseball player
9) becoming a superstar
10) It's hard for Zergs nowadays, but I have to stick to my way, I wanna bring you impression and happiness with my Zerg.

Genius Terran NaDa

1) Everytime, it's so hard for me to get into OSL.
2) I wanna pick a strong opponent, it might make me relax
3) Nal_rA. I think he is strongest one.
4) Theres no one
5) oov, Nal_rA, Kingdom, and myself
6) Myself, the second choice goes to Kingdom
7) at least semi-final
8) Don't know. I've never thought of it
9) I wanna be the best gamer
10) I was sux in previous OSL seasons, but I'll be back this time.


1) So happy
2) Rookie Terrans
3) Nope
4) all Zerg players, PvZ is such horrible
5) oov, Kingdom, NaDa and myself
6) oov
7) at least semi-final
8) university student
9) getting into Top3 in offical ranking
10) I wont make the same mistake, I'd like to show you how much I've prepared for this OSL.

Noble Terran TheMarine

1) It took me such a long period of time to rejoin OSL, my heart is beating fast when I getting close to it.
2) Kingdom
3) The one I really want to face has been absent here.
4) except my team mates
5) oov, Nal_rA, I'm not sure about other two spots
6) July
7) It wont mind, firstly I have to prepare for group games.
8) I can't imagine another job except being a programer
9) Back to somewhere I belong
10) I'll try my best

Hero Protoss Reach

1) I gonna win this OSL
2) not sure
4) Kingdom, he is my best friend, so....
5) oov, Kingdom, Nal_rA, TheMarine
6) TheMarine
7) Dunno
8) going to military service
9) Keep trying my best
10)Thx to all my fans

Evil Protoss Kingdom

1) It's so hard hard to get a spot here
2) Zeus & Silent_Control, I hope they'd like to pick me that I could revenge.
3) Zeus & Silent_control
4) oov
5) TheMarine, NaDa, oov, Kingdom
6) NaDa
7) Lose all group matches, or win the final
8) University student
9) Grand slam

Chatter Terran iloveoov

1) I wanna be a seed next OSL
2) nope
3) nope
4) nope
5) Rainbow, Kingdom, NaDa, and myself
6) myself
7) Win the final
8) I don't know
9) There isnt any certain goal

Perfect Terran XellOs

1) I'm happy to be here again
2) nope
3) nope
4) nope
5) I only ensure myself
6) myself
7) Win the final
8) Study more
9) To be the best
10) I have to win this without any excuse

Mr.Bunkering Silent_Control

1) I feel pretty fresh here, just like my first experience.
2) It might depend on Nal_rA and Zeus.
3) NaDa & oov
4) nope
5) Nal_rA, NaDa, Reach, and myself
6) myself
7) all win
8) A soldier
9) Get in No.1 in progamer's ranking.


1) I'm glad to be a seed, well last final still haunting in my mind
2) havent decided yet.
3) oov, againtst his new style.
4) Casy
5) Dunno
6) oov
7) I want another final
8) I would choose bussiness as my major
9) First of all, I wanna make myself a real progamer.

Dream Protoss Nal_rA

1) This is my 3rd OSL experience.
2) Dunno
3) NaDa, easy game
4) nope
5) Dunno
6) I've no idea
7) Champion
8) After my military service, I would be a doctor.
9) Like M.Jordan, I wanna be the best.
10) I will be in finals again.


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