Interview with (orky)Asmodey after NW with Norway
21:20 08.05.2004

- Greetings! For a long time did not see:)
-  Greetings, not see very long ago.

- You are usual play in tournaments on Warcraft3, and here today have suddenly undertaken for old kind StarCraft. What it with you?:)

- Well, last three weeks I played poker so all ideas learning to play wc3 at all have disappeared. So now I play in a Starcraft - I prepare to WCG..

- Tell more in detail, that for poker and that from him suddenly was required to you. And that one only hearings about this modern hobby of progamers. You distract Ranger from trainings ?!:)
- And it was required too most, as Mcnasty, ntt, tillerman. Simply online-poker. Play in poker on the Internet with people on money..

- And how successes?
- While successes not so, but progress goes. The main thing practice, as well as everywhere. We in him, really, together with Ranger ` have started to play an ohm. And now on the contrary - I plant it on the computer that it trained in wc3.

- About WCG 2004. is seriously going to participate? In fact in 2002 year you have come in the three of winners in nominations SC:BW and hardly were have not gone to Korea... For what result you expect this year?
- For today I expect to pass Moscow selection. And is farther - all will depend, whether I shall play poker or in StarCraft :)

- Tell more in detail about the trainings in BW. Where, how, when, with whom and as hours you play?
- I Play in VikaWeb with Yan, Potrax, MCA, Ghost, Wanq5, Mif. Sometimes I sit on Europe, too with the Myth I play. At me there nick - (orky) Asmodey, to which already six and a half of years. Yes, by the way, to play BW I began only three days ago. I play basically protoss.

- Share a little about the private life. Than you are engaged in real and why so has sharply departed from cybersport?
- With private life at me all is normal. There is a girl, with which we together 2,5 years. I study in Moskow the State University of Economy of Statistics and Computer science. On the third rate. Has departed from cybersport because of problems in institute. It was necessary to hand over two sessions - has engaged in study, it was employed - has deserted games. All this was just after WCG 2003.

- Has now returned to a Starcraft. All the same why? StarCraft it is pleasant more, than WC3?
- Because there is no time for normal trainings in wc3, plus last three weeks of poker... The Starcraft already has bothered me ever since when I have returned from Korea. And wc3, I would tell, it is more complex. In it it is much more complex control, each unit is important. And in SC you can lose half of army and all the same win. Besides, as it seems to me, in Warcraft3 plays to less people - at me 34 lvl on Europe and 200 place.

- Who your way now the strongest players in the world on SC:BW and on WC3? And how you estimate a level of game of our progamers concerning foreign, including korean-gamers?
- Well, korean-gamers play in the best way both in a Starcraft and in WC. Good players in SC:BW in Russia remained not so much as some of " old guards " went on wc3, Same to whom WarCraft3 has not liked - the part from them left from games, the part continues to play Starcraft. Chances of a victory over grandee-ending WCG are at Androide, at State that (if they will pass Russian selection). In WarCraft korean-gamers too play in the best way, so it seems to me. Yes, but we Carravaggio, Ranger can show results and on the ending in the States if, certainly, will pass WCG RP. They have experience and endurance.

- How is a clan orky? "Former" orks and nowadays known wc3-players, I look, already type different tags, and "orky" and to not see a lot.
- At us first of all the command of friends, both was, and will be. And additional tags is simply for the lack of sponsors of a command orky at present. I hope, that position will be corrected in the near future. Almost all members of a clan who played volume to year, continue to play and now at very good level. Soul has returned after a long break by which it did because of study, and now too plays at a high level - plans to win WCG RP 2004 on WC3. Ranger never hammered and rather successfully acts on all tournaments. MiF has well acted on last tournament on SC, having beaten Androide. Flash with Armor something somewhere on a regular basis borrow:) we very much frequently together gather, we drink beer and we have in every possible way a rest and we are entertained led by our grandfather - Dilvish :)

- You were a legend of Russian Starcraft. Moreover, you were a legend of Russian cybersport. As is now with ideas that it was and, probably, never will return.
- Legends do not die! That was - is already entered in history:). And now I, as well as right at the beginning, play for the pleasure, and this main thing.



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