(FAKE T_T) Grrrr... interview
20:56 06.09.2004
This interview translated to English part of our site from Russian part by 7x.CharnaD.
Hi, today i'll try to interview famous canadian player PlayGrrrr ... After leaving Hexatron team, there is a lack of information about him, so, in order to reveal the truth I'll ask him some questions.

reporter - Hi, I wasn't able to phone you, so let me ask you some question personnaly
Grrrr - OK, I'm not busy, I'm all at your service.

reporter - Let's leave common quiestions and talk about your life.
Grrrr - OK OK, First of all i moved and now live at my girlfriend's house, and for the second i didn't left BroodWar, just took a rest and think some about all this...

reporter - а есть какие-нибудь конкретные предложения ?
Grrrr - yes, there are some, worth to pay attention to..

reporter - is it a seceret?
Grrrr - no, they are simple korean teams, i won't name them, but they are not very famous, i havan't decided yet.

reporter - You won't move to Canada, wil you? When i phoned you, i was told, that you are in Canada..
Grrrr - I was there on holidays visiting relatives, i haven't seen them a few months, but i surely will stay in Korea, i have a girlfriend there, and we are serious in our relationships.

reporter - Well, do you have trainings?
Grrrr - After i have left Hexatron i'm paying less time to trainings, but didn't give up BroodWar. I'm playng 5-10 for training and 2-3 with friends 4 fun

reporter - are you going to participate in some leagues or tourneys?
Grrrr - I don't know yet, but i think i should .. I need to show, that i worth something yet =))

reporter - BTW, i've noticed, that in korean leagues tosses have better positions than some time before, so it was to early to bury them?
Grrrr - I didn't bury them, i said that consider terran the best race, but i'm much better toss player.

reporter - Why terran? Different players says different..
Grrrr - Heh, i'm not the first to say, that the game is 99% balanced, but terrans have to spend less efforts to win. That's why i'm playing different tactics all the time, because it is very difficult to win with a common strategy, when terran play well know strats and win easily.

reporter - Ypu said, that between the tourneys you played terran, do you play now?
Grrrr - Only 4 fun, i think i did a grade in toss playing =)) so why should i begin it all again playing terr?

reporter - so you will not change a race?
Grrrr - Who knows ... if there will be a patch, that weaken toss i will do it, but not in other cases.

reporter - What about WCG, will you participate in them this year???
Grrrr - Frankly speaking i don't know, probably when i will chose a team and trainig shedule i won't be albe to play at WCG, but i need to say, that i gave a preliminary affirmative answer

reporter - And if you won't manage to choose a team, what will you do after WCG?
Grrrr - I'm thinking of giving up starcraft, it sounds frightening, but i'm thinkg of it about a year .. You know, when you got a family, you should have stable work with good salary, and starcraft can die in a couple of years

reporter - Heh, do you think Koreans let this happen?
Grrrr - Koreans? Probably not, they are mad about broodwar, so i can't say definite .. I can't bear this indefinitless, but we can do nothing about that.

reporter - Whom do you gonna be if you give up StarCraft?
Grrrr - I'll play poker through internet =)))

reporter - No kidding ? Are you succesful ?
Grrrr - Just kidding, but i've won some poker tourneys in Korea..
Grrrr - I'm fond of casino last time, maybe i will be a croupier - i have some expirience

reporter - Do you contact DreamTeam members ?
Grrrr - They all were a little offended by my leaving, only my good friend Elky supported me, i don't want to speak on this topic

reporter - Sorry, what do you do now ?
Grrrr - I'm looking for a team, i had a good rest and i want to think about future.

reporter - and what about a job ? How do you get money ?
Grrrr - Well, there are some money that i collected, so i'm not working now, when i'll choose a team i want to buy a flat.

reporter - What is she thinking about starcraft ?
Grrrr - She understand everything, everything i choose is supported by her.

reporter - Have you learned Korean ?
Grrrr - All my friends says that i speak it well, but i don't understand a thing but some common phrases.

reporter - A question about War 3 . Well, not considering war between SC and WC players, pretend that you haven't played SC and WC, what would you choose?
Grrrr - Haven't played.. it is hard to pretend, cause we all had been brought up by War 2, but i'll try .. i think i would choose SC, cause i like balanced strategies, but War 3 surely looks better than SC in some parametrs.
Grrrr - I can say that a lot of War 3 players pay much less attentions to devices than SC players, i think this is because War 3 don't need so much attention from the player that SC.. maybe i'm wrong.

reporter - Tell me please about your devices..
Grrrr - I've already told about them in some interview, i didn't change my priorities since then: logitech mx 300 and simple black keyboard =)) I've tryed new mouses, and mx 400 as well, but there are only new useless features and that's all. I advice not to buy expencive devices, of course there is some difference, but it is not so important for money you give for itsimple optic mouse is good.
Grrrr - I know one Korean gosu, with mechanical mouse, i wont name him, cause you will laugh =))

reporter - Well at last, you gave a lot of advices to newbies, please say something original
Grrrr - I'll say one things, don't get mad on SC, 6-8 hours of playing will give you good skill and gosu micro, but maybe you should spend this time on something more useful? Not everyone will be able to go to Korea, where 8 hours of training are payed well, think about it .. It's just a game .. Your Grrrr ....

reporter - Thank you, i'm looking forward to seeing your river drops and gosu carrier micro! GL
Grrrr - u2. bye.

About fake by Legionnarie:
    Peter: was that interview thats been going around you?
    [GiYoM]: hm?
    [GiYoM]: what interview
    Peter: yeah i thought so
    [GiYoM]: u got a link?
    Peter: URL
    [GiYoM]: hmm
    [GiYoM]: definetly not me
    Peter: yeah thats what we were saying
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