SC 2 рплики юнитов
00:51 23.09.2006
Случайно попалось в сети. Проект "предложения по
репликам юнитов для StarCraft-2", это где-то на близзовских форумах, посвяшённых SC2.

Хоть убей не помню откуда выкопал. =)

* Not bad for a newb.
* Eat lead bitches!
* Maybe I should just go back to being an SCV.
* Sarge, when are we gonna get lasers? Shouldn't we have lasers? We are in the future aren't we?
* Pull the pin and count to what?
* The more humans I kill, the farther away from home I feel. But when I kill zerg, I feel just at home!
* [trained] Crap... I think I left my ammo in my other suit.
* [annoyed] There's only one way off this planet and that's through me.
(Agent J, Men in Black)
* [annoyed] He... made me... miss!! (Bullseye,Daredevil)
* [attacking] Here's a trick I learned back at Backwater.

* [trained] Welcome to flamers
* When there's smoke, there's fire.
* And fire the ovens! (Pink Floyd, the Wall)
* C'mon baby... Light my fire! (the Doors)
* Try to set the night on... FIRE! (the Doors)
* Heh, and they say cooking class was useless!
* [death] Firebat: NOT THE TANK! NOT THE TA-*Explosion*

* What the- did you just shoot at me with your eyes closed? (I, Robot)
* [move] Let's ri-i-i-i-i-ide! (Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z)

* Boo
* Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? (Aliens)
* What you need? We got nukes, guns, knives, sharp sticks...
* Danger's my middle name (Austin Powers Trilogy)
* А глаз как у оррррррлааа!
* We never had this conversation
* Right between the eyes
* Hey... this isn't my marine suit
* [pissed] What does this button do? *Nuclear launch detected*
* [death] My real name is Ja- *shot* *death scream*

* Murder's a new trick for a robot, congratulations (I, Robot)
* It's just lights and clockwork (I, Robot)
* [death] Daaiiisyyyy, daaaiiiiiisyyyyyyyyyyy
* [death] It...was...David...*explosion*

* [annoyed] That's right... I AM dangerous! (Top Gun)
* [annoyed] Delete best of the best... we'll make you better. (Top Gun)

Seige Tank
* [trained] Coordinates? We don't need no stinking coordinates!
* Wanna more craters?

Science Vessel
* Astronomical! (Kazan, The Cube)

* We got you on the main screen.


* i die for... what was it again?
* [pissed] "My life for Zer'zhul... uh... I mean Aiur." (Joke from
Warcraft 3 when the acolyte says the opposite)

* *breathe*Tassadar*breathe*I, am your father....hehe (Star Wars)

High Templar:
* [pissed] Pain is but an illusion...
* [pissed] illusion that really, REALLY HURTS!!

Dark Templar:
* [pissed] Ring goes on, Ring goes off...

Dark Archon
* [pissed] I appreciate any feedback you give me.


* *WOOF*!
* [pissed] I no speak Engalis!
* [pissed] No ingles, no ingles!!

Infested Terran:
* [pissed] I'm so mad I could explode
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