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He is one of the sexiest and only random players in the BW scene. He's just won KOTH and WCT, and ended up 2nd in the WGT Season 7 final tournament. He dominated that season with Mondragon as a 2v2 duo. He's also appeared on the cover of RollingStone magazine, and is today's most hip sex object. He is... TESTIE Name/age/sexual orientation. and anything else you'd like to add. Telephone number, address...
Testie: Well, my name's Nick Perentesis, I'm 19 years old, and you can guess my sex from my name. I live in a small town called Huntsville in Ontario, in Canada Name/age/sexual orientation. and anything else you'd like to add. Telephone number, address...
Testie: Well, my name's Nick Perentesis, I'm 19 years old, and you can guess my sex from my name. I live in a small town called Huntsville in Ontario, in Canada so I read in your interview with Troku that you'd like the name Testie to relate more to an emotion than to something inanimate. Anything specific that you could give us ? where does the name derive from?
Testie: Um I was young when I made the name. So umm, I’d rather not comment on that :D Hehe. okay. Let's talk about your race setup. I know you play TvsZ. Other than that, it's all random?
Testie: Well, not true. That's only for tourneys and such. I usually random for vs. everything. But right now I haven't been playing as much as I normally do so I just stuck to the matchups that are easily remembered that I do not have to worry about small timing errors. ;) out of all the matchups, which race are you most comfortable with vs. the other races? Terran?
Testie: hmm when I'm playing a lot... I am equally comfortable with all races. But when I’m not playing a lot... I.e.: For KOTH vs. Mondragon, I chose Terran just because they are fairly easy to remember and do not die easily to cheese rushes. ;-) Do you think that is a big factor in why terran is mostly dominating all the pro leagues right now? what do you think of the Terran domination in general?
Testie: Well I can't remember when it was.. maybe never. But in some of the leagues the maps are just very Terran oriented. And when you look at all the leagues and how the statistics play out Terran really isn't dominating. Other players like Nal_ra / Kingdom have shown that the playground isn't just for Terrans. ;) Another question - what do you think about hotkey vamping? Pro or con? Vamping, as in, changing the hotkeys. Do you do it / are you considering it?
Testie: Nah I’m pretty set in my ways. I'd advise people to play with what they are most comfortable with. And I mean everything that adds comfort to your game so you can simply play better. with your *gosu* hotkeys, what kind of sexy moves have you pulled over the years? If you'd have to name a few sexy micro moves you've pulled -- what would they be?
Testie: Oh dear lord. What a question to ask. Sexy micro moves are pulled all the time. Except people always watch replays on x2 / x8 so they never notice em’. I can't really say a million images of my units tromping on other peoples flooded my head.
Testie: One thing that really sticks out though was the way JJu would micro his hydras (very fast and accurate) vs. marines and medics when he didn't have lurkers. Yes, I've seen some VODs of JJu. They're awesome :) Any very memorable games you’ve had?
Testie: I have over 9,500 replays of myself. 2,400 of my replays were deleted. I still have over 9,500 of myself. I'd have to say my most memorable game is a Starcraft game vs. Liquid`Drone. Where I was um.. :D But for pure gosu games? I dunno there's been some great games vs so many players. From Arang to JJu to Rock to GG to Tsunami, to dear lord.
Testie: OH wait! I've got a good one :D It was 3v3 on Hunters. The winds were cold and bitter that day. My allies and I were terran, vs 3 protosses. My allies died before the ten minute mark was up, and the three protosses (who were fairly good macroers and spent their money well) weren't even scratched.
Testie: In a long and arduous game I eventually toppled them all with marines and medics. They had three people, with large armies so they never suspected they'd need templars or reavers to bust me up. Hehe. That must have been wickedly cool. Moving along; any favorite maps you like to play on? Hunters :P ?
Testie: Hmm I love playing underdog match ups on maps that people say "it's a protoss map" "it's a terran map" etc... For instance I love playing me Terran, vs. Protosses on Nostalgia
Testie: My win ratio on that is like 99% in TvP so anyone who calls that a toss map is a fool That's a very pertinent answer :o Do you have any sexy openings on particular locations or matchups, on Nostalgia, or any other map? like 5 port wraith within 10 minutes? :P
Testie: Yes. My opening often depends on locations. But the nostalgia ones are so cute I don't want to say. However, for instance on a map like Dark Sauron in Zerg vs Terran, if the terran is cross position from you, or simply vertical (that's the y axis right up / down?) I’d 3 hatch hydra vs. terran and abuse ramps to kill m/m armies. However if they were horizontal I would ling / lurker etc. I meant, unconventional strategies :p
Testie: 3 hatch hydra (no lair) isn't unconventional? (3 hatchery before pool!). Pfft. Well then, if that's not unconventional I don't know what is. :p you should be doing 4 cc 5 rax 6 rax 6 rax then depot
Testie: I’ll look into it for sure ;) I reckon in an interview I read a long time ago, you mentioned that people often spoofed your name. Do you still notice that, or has that become absent?
Testie: I think those days for most people are gone. And now when people do it they're only joking with you. Though I recently had a few people on my old names, but they said "eh I’ll give them to you if you want" and I told em’ to keep em’. Didn't care. It's rather non-existent these days I guess. you don't mind if I use Testie on counterstrike? Good :)
Testie: :@ ya shi pal nom a. Sa ga ji. Shi pal sekki!! Am I being insulted?
Testie: No of course not.. However, never repeat those words to a korean. ;-) WCT (vs Mondi) and KOTH (vs Suker) Can you give us a general idea of how things went? Or was it all kind of like your playstyle (especially those two games - vs. Anon on Bifrost and vs. Mondi on Nostalgia) - walk in, do your thing, and just basically massacre anyone that stepped in your way? Or maybe they lost due to sexual exhaustion?... *cough*
Testie: Are you referring to the game Mondi had won on nostalgia then he lost it? And the game anon had won that he lost? Yes, and yes. Those were just pure Nada style, except sexier, because it was tvz and not tvp.
Testie: Oh, those were them taking advantage of my instances of bad play. But I snapped back to reality and had to give them a thorough gging. My $ was building and my micro was suffering (in both games I believe), then I snapped out of my cho bo trance and re-instated the iron fist. However they did deserve to win until they just totally mussed up.
Testie: In anon’s game his was just poor choice of not getting upgrades, or at least defilers.
Testie: Mondi's game was simply due to his lack of spending I think (he told me he at one point had 4.5 k / 1 k in the nostalgia game) so I didn't check he's an honest chap and a sexual beast. How is he in bed? Is Veg jealous?
Testie: Mondi is everything you could imagine him to be and more. Veg? Who's veg? ;) Burn! Low blow! Er, so, what happened at the WGT finals? You should have burninated everyone!
Testie: lol. The WGT finals I shouldn't have made it as far as I did (and I’ll explain why because every player needs an excuse). Though it was a really great and fun tournament imo. A lot of good games came out of it. Or a lot of decent ones at the least. However the time of it was kind of missed, trogdor. ;)
Testie: But I feel mine's valid. ;) I was drinking all day friday (starting at noon), then played some bw games, lost them all, went out to the bar, got home at 2:00 am. Then had to wake up at 5:30 am for the tournament. Which in my opinion is a little miss! ;) Alas the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Testie: P.S. It should have been Testie / Mondi in finals. so, where do you know Mondi from? or did you two just meet up on WGT and decide to become the sexy 2v2 duo?
Testie: Yeah I met Mondi on wgtour. We argued about who was better in 2on2 so we proved it as allies. I slandered him because his record wasn't as fine as my previous 2on2 records, so I figured "how can you be as good as me in 2on2?" well. If you look at the replays, I think we work like magic, in unison, we are enchanting to watch, like a nymph, except better. It's like eating ambrosia.
Testie: Like having a threesome with Britney and Jessica simpson. Like eating cake with your hands. A truly euphoric experience. Wow. He really is the right one. Marriage? It’s legal, I think.
Testie: In Canada I dunno about Germany. I'd have to fly him over. anyways, I read a while back (14th of April or so) that you become leader of tC? how's that going? do you see a notable increase in the sexual favors you're receiving?
Testie: Well god knows I’ve asked for them, and everyone knows I’m not receiving them. But so far it's still fun. And I hope some of our players get more active so we can lose to Norway in clanbase.
Testie: *Beat Norway’s ass ;) So tC is doing good, all in all, I gather. what about Nal? can you give us an outline on your association with them? or is that private information? :o
Testie: Nal is still kicking. Except unlike before where it was a tight knit family of gosu's who loved eachother deeply it's become more and more loose over the.. hmm I guess I have been in it more than a year. However maybe I’m just becoming more loose with the Nal_ members because I now have school and am not up at korean hours so I see them less often. How is school? Are you going to high school? If so, are you envisioning college? any specific career field you'd see yourself going into (other than progaming -- which is a rocky road, as we all know)
Testie: I am so anti work that school could never be a good option for me. I'm not envisioning college and it doesn't thrill me. What thrills me is real estate and the plans that will soon be there within.. I do not know. But soon.
Testie: However, I’m still in high school, I’m 19. And I have a year to go still. Kinda rough, but I’ve had my time with the police and my time with Mono (disease) to give me some credible reasons to still be in school. ;) Ouch, you had mono? that sucks.
Testie: hoho it was a backwards case of mono.. one of the worst the doctor had ever seen: I lost 30 pounds in 2 months I think.
Testie:Anyways, Let’s get back to the interview. Right. WCG - you've attended three times. Who have you met as a result of that?
Testie: Eh, the same people I always knew. So I’ve met no one. :D There was no one at WCG!! And I still lost!!
Testie: j/k eh, met too many to name. Just everyone who attended, you know their names likely. :p I'm guessing the first time you met most of them, you were unimpressed by their physical appearance? :/ Especially with your amazing hair.
Testie: Well the first two years, I was an unimpressive physical appearance so I wasn't one to judge. In the 3rd WCG, I think I was one of the hottest guys there
Testie: Though Fire / Kiwi definitely beat me out for first.
Testie: Those bastards
Testie: Those lovely bastards* What brand of shampoo do you use?
Testie: I use Marc Anthony Shampoo and Conditioner. It's called "Strictly curls". Sometimes I also use "vive" because despite it being cheap it works well for controlling frizz. (With the conditioner of course). Plus there are a variety of other products (From marc anthony) that help with my luscious curls. You could become a hairstylist.
Testie: To be honest I wouldn't mind that. micro your scissors! macro your gel!!
Testie: nonono you cannot macro the gel!! what's the build order for the gel?
Testie: It's dime squirt (dime size), placing in back to front. Then quarter squirt, with a controlled mussing with crimping from hands only –- for best effect does drone know about your relationship with Mondi?
Testie: He's not the jealous type. He's a swinger. He knows. And approves I think. oh dear. thinking of going to San Francisco for WCG ? regardless if you make it or not?
Testie: If I don't make it, huk no! However this year will be different. This year I will actually practice.. I promise myself. I swear I will practice. And by practice I mean say <^> practicing and go 2on2 with mondragon that's the spirit. oh. has anyone (a stranger) ever recognized you on the streets because of who you are on BW? through a photo of some kind, that is. Or perhaps, asked you for an autograph?
Testie: I've been sent fan mail. But no autographs. Supposedly there are kids in the school I’m at who play brood war. And recognize me. They are like "Aren't you a pro gamer?" and I’m like "hrm?" :P Other than that, the only person who has asked repeatedly for photo's (and who has never stopped) is Ksenya. She asks me thrice a day, every day. Ksenya = KisS)Playgirl
Testie: I better say j/k fast incase she ever reads that. Else she'll stomp my balls at the next wcg. hahaha
Testie: I do not fight vs. Russian women. Some of them are only women because of Trunoble as we learned in the simpsons, and they could probably bench me.
Testie: btw, by mail, I mean actual mail packages. I've but one final question... I'll even edit it out, if you want, based on your answer, but I'd really like you to answer honestly. Are you, or are you not... Having an affair with WC3?
Testie: I'm not playing WC3. I dabbled in it and did quite well. But the last time I played WC3 was when giom and I were bored and he said "hey wanna go play wc3?" then I kept him waiting for god knows how long because of some problems I was having. And then it was real fun. But that was months ago. So although I’ve dabbled away from brood war it was rare. And my lust for BW brought me back each time. Whew. I’m relieved :) Thanks for the interview. As usual, shoutouts?
Testie: no problemo was rather fun. I give a shout out to Team Areola for having a moron like me waste their valuable web page space! And Mondragon for being Mondi! And Eri for catching me .. shi pal eri. Nevermind him. ;) And a shout out to tupac, you stepped on my toes so I had to knock ya off. Peace tupac. ;) Finally, a shout out to KatyD and Radivel. Because they'll never read this Ladies and gentlemen, Testie has left the building!
Oxy: Testie, how’s about you ditch Mondi and we have a good swingin’ time back at my place?
Oxy: That’d be great, huh Testie?
Oxy: Testie?
Oxy: Testie…?



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